We believe that community engaged experiential arts is a means for social connections which inspire positive changes.  The beauty and wonder of a static art piece can shift the energy within a physical space, shared art making in a community context creates experiential memory within a space.  Our vision as the artists of the Creative Cafe Collective will serve the community of William Cook Elementary School and are guided by these principles;


Hands on art activities that are low barrier, accessible, and empowering can inspire soulful inspiration from within. They become a portal to explore depth of stories, emergence of characters and creature interactions within.


Creating safe space for free and guided artistic thought provides mental stimulation to process the grind of daily life. Personal expressive imagination is cathartic and creates pathways for healing. In many ways it is an individual ceremony.

Sharing and understanding

Social Interconnection, empowerment through knowledge.  We will encourage story sharing and understanding between individuals, families and generations through the exploration of experience in others.

Ecological Inspiration

We will encourage activities that connect individuals to land, plants and animal life cycle and natural history.  Doing so encourages the imaginative mind to see the space that surrounds them in a different way.

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